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February 19, 2017, 10:32:03 AM *
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Ontario Furries Chat

The Ontario Furries chat room is an IRC channel on FurNet (server: irc.furnet.org) named #OntarioFurries.

You can install an IRC client to connect to FurNet or use the Java IRC client on this page.

Java IRC Client

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  • no flooding or spamming
  • don't insult or harass users
  • no excessively mature content
  • links to mature content should be labeled NSFW


  • no flooding or spamming
  • don't insult or harass users
  • group is SFW; no mature content
  • no politics or religion

Ontario Furries is web site for Ontario furs, furries, furry fans and the furry fandom and furry subculture of Ontario, Canada to meet each other and organize furmeets and furcons (furry conventions).
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