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Ontario Furries Chat

The Ontario Furries chat room is an IRC channel on FurNet (server: irc.furnet.org) named #OntarioFurries.

You can install an IRC client to connect to FurNet or use the Java IRC client on this page.

Java IRC Client

Nick Name:
Password (optional):



  • no flooding or spamming
  • don't insult or harass users
  • no excessively mature content
  • links to mature content should be labeled NSFW


  • No insults or offencive language
    • Racism
    • Sexism
    • Homophobia
    • Transphobia
    • Name calling
    • Inappropriate jokes, especially if offence was deliberate
    • Intolerance of religion
    • Intolerance of physical or mental disabilites
    • Patronizing
  • No harassment
    • Threats
    • Intimidation
    • Ongoing public disputes
    • Outing (IE: revealing something about another user that the user has asked be kept private)
    • Sharing personal information
    • Incouraging other users to break laws
    • Directing conversation at users who have expressed that they don\'t wish to engage in conversation
    • Critisizing for a conviction for which a pardon has been granted or a record suspended
  • No spamming
    • Using macros
    • Exessive repeating of messages, especially if it obstructs regular conversation
  • Warnings labels must be used when sharing offensive subject matter (a simple "NSFW" is enough)
    • Porn
    • Suggestive images
    • Gore
    • Screamers
  • No obscene roleplay in the chat
  • Don't post an excessive number of images to the skype group directly, it uses people's mobile data. We suggest using an image hosting service and posting links to them.
  • NSFW content must be placed in the NSFW group. Ask a moderator for access. Only users 18 and over are allowed access.
Be aware that these rules only act as a set of guidelines, and are subject to change, as well as user and moderator discretion. The goal of these rules are to create a place where everyone can feel safe and respected.

Moderators should always be respectful, especially when moderating. They are there to help keep the peace and enforce the rules when necessary. They should not escalate an unfriendly situation by adding to it.

Moderators may use discretion when moderating. Issues can often escalate from missunderstandings where no offence was intended. Moderators may help users resolve their issues, direct discussion away from incindiary topics, give lighter penalties for minor offences or give temporary bans as a time out to give users time to calm down before returning. They may also give harsher penalties for more extreme offences if the group thinks it is warranted.

Enforcement should escalate with increasing penalties for repeated offences:
    First OffenceWarning
    Second Offencekick or short ban to talk to them before letting them return
    Third Offence1 day ban
    Forth Offence1 week ban
    Fifth Offence1 month ban
    Sixth Offence1 year ban


  • no flooding or spamming
  • don't insult or harass users
  • group is SFW; no mature content
  • no politics or religion

Ontario Furries is web site for Ontario furs, furries, furry fans and the furry fandom and furry subculture of Ontario, Canada to meet each other and organize furmeets and furcons (furry conventions).
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