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Username Age
Location Posts
Offline Dan Skunk Poet 43 Dan Skunk's Home Page Oshawa, Ontario, Canada 5036
Offline sirrien 26 Ajax, Ontario, Canada 39
Offline EmberFirepaw Writer Poet 22 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 827
Offline Katz Firepaw Writer Poet 24 Redbridge, Ontario, Canada 727
Offline Riley Writer 22 Ontario, Canada 91
Offline Sweeney Artist Fursuiter Fursuit Builder Musician Performer 22 St Catharines, Ontario, Canada 376
Offline HitchhikerDolphin 33 Kettleby, Ontario, Canada 15
Offline PurpleVeggie 23 Vancouver, BC, Canada 6
Offline Zoryan "Zory" Clip 24 Sudbury, Ontario, Canada 57
Offline Angel 37 Toronto, Ontario, Canada 4
Offline AgileFoxen Artist 24 My FA Sudbury, Ontario, Canada (durp) 3
Offline Alkane Fursuiter Performer Dealer 30 Fergus, Ontario, Canada 0
Offline Bungee Skunk Fursuiter Fursuit Builder 47 Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada 9
Offline AladDaAnthro 41 Aladasian's Furaffinity Gallery Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada 8
Offline Nokly 22 Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada 154
Offline prowl007 Writer 36 Belleville, Ontario, Canada 14
Offline Flutterdash 28 Lindsay, Ontario, Africanada 20
Offline yaxnonth Artist Writer 25 Toronto, Ontario, Canada 461
Offline FuzzyWolfButt Fursuiter Fursuit Builder 43 Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada 56
Offline fuzy 34 Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada 99
Offline Eva Artist 30 Peterborough, Ontario, Canada 87
Offline Vix 27 http://pounced.org/personals/viewad.php?hpad=22131 Lindsay, Ontario, Canada 0
Offline GlassTrampoline Artist Musician 22 Wellesly, Ontario, Canada 0
Offline Naytia Artist Writer Poet 25 Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada 38
Offline Felinix Writer 1819 Cambridge, Ontario, Canada 0
Offline Bazaar N/A Quebec, Canada 1
Offline chrome darkfire 29 My Fa page vars, Ontairo, canada 0
Offline kasr_cat Artist Writer Dealer N/A Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada 541
Offline Jinx Musician N/A waterloo, Ontario, canada 79
Offline onelonelyfoxmetall 31 burlington, ontario, canada 2
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Ontario Furries is web site for Ontario furs, furries, furry fans and the furry fandom and furry subculture of Ontario, Canada to meet each other and organize furmeets and furcons (furry conventions).
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