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February 19, 2018, 01:59:04 AM *
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  Summary - Wyoming Picture/Text
Name: Wyoming
Posts: 7 (0.010 per day)
Date Registered: March 18, 2016, 08:07:24 PM
Last Active: March 25, 2016, 03:24:18 PM

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Gender: Male
Orientation: Heterosexual
Mate Status: Single
Age: 16
City: St. Catharines
Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Species: Avian
Local Time: February 19, 2018, 01:59:04 AM
Looking for:
My name Is Wyoming Helix an avian falcon the age of fifteen standing at 7'3 I am a very tech savy bird. My plumage is well groomed every feather on my body having a distinct pattern painted over as they fall and grow back only a few now remain on my now adult coat being an owl my feather coat is thicker then most more in other words fluffy down my back and sides including my arms lay half brown. My tail feathers are black and brown not as thick as my coat but still decent and sturdy. on the outside then on the other half inside a dark black. The front and anwhere else lies soft white with blue flecks throughout those said feathers my hand is like a pranch of long stalk feathers five IN each hand as five fully functional finger my beak measers as 3 inches long with a slightly curved down tip and an inch and a half wide. Large gashes cut through my neck where a bald spot of soft fuzz would usually lay  as goes for my shoulders much the same around an inch deep as two across run down the long dide of my back as if bring clawed at by a pair of long razor sharp talons my front I have a gash running down my chest and left eye much more fresh then the others with bandaging covering my forearms and lightly around the torso area including scratches against my beak the scars covering my body lie as a reminder of what the universe has come to but I couldn't blame it on the universe it was my fault fleeing from my homeworld tal the planet of the sergal race where he had obtained many of the scars including the loss of his wings torn from his back at the age of 13 there left horrid markings on his back as a memorial of what ill fate he had .
I prefer to walk around naked as I feel my more native approach appealing plus I have no shame on what I look under my clothes. But when I do where clothes I wear a white hiking jacket with a red checkered handkerchief tied around my neck followed by a light neon blue scarf civering the handkerchief over top. I wear usually either no pants in this but also when I do blue tattered and ripped jeans. In more hot sticky climates I wear a very thin very small tank top with quite long shorts but still prefer my normal garb all season unless it was to the point of dying hot. In just house attire I wear a slightly femmy grey sweat shirt which the hole for my head could fit my shoulders through so I prop one up over usually my left followed by snowflake pj pants which are quite cozy. To addition I wear black bandana mostly 24/7 with a few exceptions
never knew my parents as they abandoned me as a hatchling as I matured I was on the brink of death before a few officers took me in raised be and well tought me basic fighting this later led to me becoming quite skilled with a variety of weapons my specialty being it polearms and spears as well as daggers. But am quite handy with a pistol but what I major most in is muai thuai boxing which is a style of kickboxing that includes the use of elbows originating from thailandMy arsenal consists of a long metal staff with two serrated blades on each end this staff fits snugly on my back allowing me to sit with it in it's makeshift scabbard a karambit knife strapped to my left leg for aneasy weild take down if the need rises as on my right leg lies a ceremonial dagger of my species which on the hild lies a stained red diamond looking jewl which courses with enough energy to let the blade give an electric glow around the blade itself
My favorite drink is about any tea there is I despise coffee and many other beverages and if someone gets me talking on tea it's hard to make me stop as I would consider myself a tea conisuer this is what I prize to make others a beverage both calming and can give you energy that you cal serve hot or coldMy personality would be serious but on the inside would be just a gooey interior of what I love most and a side of just plain goof having a love for just hanging around friends always trying to look my strongest but end up crumbling to my semi serious self.

Writer Writer, Musician Musician,
From the loveable Avian Wyoming. Signing off!

Feel free to message me!
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