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Username Age
Location Posts
Offline ` N/A 2
Offline -=Wolf=- Artist Fursuiter Dealer 42 Mississauga, Ontario, Canada 213
Offline ♥Princess Sky♥ Artist Writer 24 Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada 0
Offline 12345 N/A 0
Offline 1Foam2Fur N/A 0
Offline 77Chaos77 Artist Writer N/A Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 2
Offline a-ped Musician 24 london, Ontario, Canada 1
Offline a.cunha 22 London, ONTARIO, Canada 7
Offline aantlers N/A 0
Offline Aaron Roo Artist Writer Musician 25 My Fur Affinity Page Toronto, Ontario, Canada 5
Offline Abbi Normal Artist Writer Poet 28 Toronto 31
Offline abble Artist Poet N/A 0
Offline Ace Firepaw Musician 22 Fur Affinity London, Ontario, Canada 2
Offline ace-sharpshooter N/A 0
Offline acehart Fursuiter Fursuit Builder 54 Ottawa, ont, Canada 307
Offline AcelaInfernape N/A 0
Offline Acewolf 21 Picton 0
Offline actionzone1001 Fursuiter Fursuit Builder Musician Performer 20 www.youtube.com Pickering, Ontairio, Canada 198
Offline Adam Husky 27 Waterloo, Ontario, Canada 7
Offline Adamthebluejay Writer Fursuiter 24 FA account Vaughan, Ontario, Canada 80
Offline Adeline N/A 0
Offline Administrator N/A 0
Offline AdmiralCheesecake Artist Fursuiter Fursuit Builder 20 My furaffinity Trenton, Ontario, Canada 19
Offline AdorableTofu1 Artist Writer Fursuiter Musician N/A North Bay, Ontario, Canada 21
Offline Aedrix123 25 Mississauga, Ontario, Canada 19
Offline Aelyrin Artist 29 my FA currently Ottawa, Ontario, durr, hmmm 0
Offline aerrowken N/A 0
Offline Agarthi N/A Windsor, ON, Canada 4
Offline AgileFoxen Artist 24 My FA Sudbury, Ontario, Canada (durp) 3
Offline Aid 27 Dundas, Ontario, Canada 0
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Ontario Furries is web site for Ontario furs, furries, furry fans and the furry fandom and furry subculture of Ontario, Canada to meet each other and organize furmeets and furcons (furry conventions).
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